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'Tis the month of goblins, ghosts, trick or treaters ... and . . . SPIDERS!Critters In Your Pond. Kathy Biggs. The Internet Ponder (USA)10/26/03
A classroom tarantulaCritter Corner, Judith Jones, East Chapel Hill High School, NC (USA)10/26/03
A new look at spidersThe Rice School / La Escuela Rice (USA)10/26/03
A nightmare on Mic Street: spidersWhat's Arachnophobia (fear for spiders)? Can they see you? Man's best friend! Spiders in the bath. Micscape Article. Maurice Smith (UK)10/9/04
A-to-Z Science - ArachnidThe best-known arachnids are spiders, ticks, mites, scorpions, and daddy longlegs, or harvestmen. On this page: Black widow, Cattle tick, Chigger, Daddy longlegs, Mite, Scorpion, Spider, Tarantula, Tick, Trap-door spider. (USA)10/26/03
A-to-Z Science - SpiderThe spider's body, The spider's silk, Hunting spiders, Web-spinning spiders, The life of a spider. (USA)10/9/04
About ArachnidsAbout Arachnids A Guide for Children. By Cathryn Sill Illustrated by John Sill.6/5/05
About Arachnids and Spiders - All Info About Science for FamiliesLinks to internet resources about spiders and arachnids for classrooms, kids, and families. Bob & Gayle Olson (USA)6/5/05
About Arachnids: A Guide for Childrenby Cathryn P. Sill and John Sill6/5/05
Acrostic Spider PoemsBy class 4B, Ambrit-Rome International School (Italy) 10/26/03
Adopt a Hawaiian Happyface SpiderThe scientific name of the Happyface Spider is Theridion grallator. Spot (USA)10/26/03
Along Came A SpiderA Thematic Unit About Our Creepy, Crawly, Eight-Legged Friends. Kinderkorner (USA)10/26/03
Anatomy of a SpiderThe Visual Representation of Information. Mary Thompson. Univ. of Houston.10/26/03
AntBoy's Bugworld!Heater's World Productions (USA)10/26/03
Arachnid affectionItsy bitsy spiders were on the minds of several South Hutchinson kindergarten students on a recent sunny, fall morning at the Dillon Nature Center. Joyce Hall. The Hutchinson News (USA)10/26/03
Arachnid Painting PagesPaint your favorite arachnid! EnchantedLearning.com11/29/04
Arachnid printoutsSeveral pages with things to do in the classroom. (USA)6/5/05
Arachnid Printouts - EnchantedLearning.comSome resources for teaching.10/19/03
Arachnid's phobiaAbout the False Katipo spider, a species introduced in New Zealand from South Africa. Nicholas Pallin Wellington College (New Zealand)10/9/04
ArachnidaySome basic info about spiders, scorpions and mites. Monaco Education service (USA)10/26/03
ArachnideThe story of Arachne etc. Piwi's Spider Page (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
ArachnidsA few photos and some information by Zac and Justin10/10/04
ArachnidsPage on arachnids created by Sir Robert Hitcham's Primary School, Suffolk, (UK)6/5/05
ArachnidsInformation and links. Chenowith School District Home Page, Oragon (USA)6/5/05
ArachnidsBasic information about arachnids (Mexico)6/5/05
ArachnidsBasic information11/29/04
Arachnids - did you know ...Some facts and a quiz. 3rd Grade, Emily Voorhees. Pinecrest Schools Van Nuys (USA)10/26/03
Arachnids and Silk ProductionShort text. Iowa State Univ. of Science and Technology. (USA)6/5/05
Arachnids ToysToys related to insects, arachnids, millipedes, centipedes and crustaceans (USA)6/5/05
Arachnids Unit Study BookTextbook for sale on Arachnids, by Kym Wright.11/29/04
Arachnids: Spiders, Ticks, Mites and ScorpionsInformation for kids, K-8. Kidport Inc. (USA)6/5/05
Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders)A webquest for 3-4 grade. Dina Parra. ASU West College of Education (pictures on this site) (USA)12/7/03
Araneae (Spiders)A lot of info and some pictures. Thomas and Matthew, Holy Trinity School, Ontario (Canada)10/26/03
Art & Movies: EdderkopperMobile. Naestved Gymnasium (Denmark)12/7/03
Assessment tasks year 1 - SpidersPDF. Port Macquarie Technology Training Co-operative (Australia)10/26/03
Australian SpidersMegan Williams. Rockingham Senior High School (Australia)10/26/03
Ballooning SpidersHow spiders disperse. Carolyn Klass, Dept. of Entomology, Cornell University (USA)10/26/03
BioKIDS: Arachnids (Arachnida) : InformationInformation on arachnids with photos (USA)6/5/05
BlackDog's Zoo Animal Quiz GamesTest your arachnid knowledge.11/29/04
Bolsa ArañaMake a spider and her web on a bag. Fantasias Miguel S.A. de C.V. (in Spanish) (Mexico)10/26/03
Bug Walk ArticlesArticles especially for teachers. With : Miss Muffet and the Spider, Hints for Including Insects and Spiders in Docent Walks, Some Cautions on Handling Insects and Spiders, Spider Silk, Silver Argiope (garden spider), Some Spider Lore. Ron Lyons. Chula Vista Nature Center, Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. San Siego (USA)10/26/03
Busy Bee AnimalsOnline resource for information on arachnids. 10/19/03
Can you smell spiders? Do young spiders go ballooning?Info. Doug Jackson and Debbie Leach. The Wild Side. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Charlotte and Her Relatives Visit the Classroom: Spider Activities, Experiments Katherine Liu and Linda Culp, Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute, Activities Exchange, Access Excellence (USA)10/26/03
Charlotte's WebActivity and lesson ideas. This unit is presented as a versatile list of choices each teacher can make based on the uniqueness of the individual classroom. Donna Fuller. Alta Murrieta Elementary School (USA)10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte's Web10/26/03
Charlotte, Arachnida: The Scientific SourcesPeter F. Neumeyer. Project Muse. The Johns Hopkins University Press (USA)10/26/03
Children's Spider BooksTitles and authors of books about spiders. Student Resources Page. O. Orkin Insect Zoo (USA)10/26/03
Chocolate SpidersShopnetmall (USA)10/26/03
Class ArachnidaInformation about the different orders of arachnids. Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class Pages, Arlington Public Schools (USA)10/26/03
Class ArachnidaOrder: Araneae, Spiders. Diversity, habitats, form and function, life cycle, feeding habits, natural enemies, Olympic feats and other strange facts, the good and the bad, Taxonomy. Student Resources Page. D. Orkin Insect Zoo. Mississippi State University (USA)10/26/03
Classification of Animals - Arthropod Phylum - Arachnidssome info. Life Science Safari (USA)10/26/03
Cornell students learn to change fear and loathing of spiders into knowledge - aCornell University News (USA)10/9/04
Creepy Crawly Spider BraceletsThe Kids Domain (USA)10/26/03
Creepy, Crawly SpidersSome info, poems, ... Mrs. Ruby's Red Gem Kids (USA)10/26/03
CyberSleuthkids: Arachnid ResourcesA comprehensive educational directory and homework helper for kids that provides a wide variety of resources on arachnids, including pictures (USA)6/5/05
De spinInfo. Artis (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Do Spiders Give You Goose Bumps?Spider Cupcakes. Want to be a Spider for Halloween? Cool Spider Facts. Bay Weekly (USA)10/26/03
Eeek! A spider!PDF. Best Practices of Technology Integration. Berrien County Intermediate School District (USA)10/26/03
Eight legs, no neckInfo about spiders. Martyn Robinson. Anzagzine, All New Zealand Australian Guiding E-zine (New Zealand & Australia)10/26/03
Elementary Theme PagesEducational material for elemantary school student and teachers, by Jim Cornish (Canada)10/19/03
Endangered Species - SpidersParks Education. Parks Victoria (Australia)10/26/03
Explore biodiversity in a desertWhy scientists study spiders. American Museum of Natural History (USA)10/26/03
Exploring Insects & SpidersPDF. Grade level: 3-5. Internet Lesson Plan. IBM (USA)10/26/03
Exploring Insects & SpidersPDF. Grade level: K2. Internet Lesson Plan. IBM (USA)10/26/03
Exploring insects and spidersNorth Island Distance Education School (Canada)10/26/03
Fast Facts about SpidersGrade 4 class project. Mrs. McCafferty & Mrs. Van Rite. Kenosha Unified School District No. 1 (USA)10/26/03
Garden SpidersPDF. Info and drawings. Carolina Kids (USA)10/26/03
Get this bug off of me!Daddy-long-legs, ticks, scorpions, black widow, brown recluse spider. Stephanie Bailey. University of Kentucky Entomology Department (USA)10/26/03
Going to extremes: Spider CanyonSome spiders will go to any extremes to find a partner. In the classroom. Teaching Guides. PBS (USA)10/26/03
Graham's Spider pageGraham is a grade 5 student at Richmond PS in Richmond, Ontario, Canada10/26/03
Halloween Spider & BatsHow to make Halloween spiders. BBC Online (UK)10/26/03
Halloween Spider CakeRosemary (Rosie) Winters (USA)10/26/03
Hey! A Brown Recluse Spider Bit The Nemours Foundation (USA)10/26/03
Hoja de Crianza de la ArañaInfo. University of Arizona (in Spanish) (USA)10/9/04
How can spiders walk on water?Surface tension is the tendency for the surface of a liquid to act like a stretched membrane or piece of rubber. Lakeview Science, Nebraska (USA)10/9/04
How do spiders grow?Maydianne C.B. Andrade (Canada)10/26/03
How do spiders spin webs?Short text. Science Education PartnershipS. Corvallis Oregon & Oregon State University (USA)10/26/03
How does a spider web work?Info. Science Theatre (USA)10/26/03
I love spiders!!!Spider projects, poems, songs, ... Addie Gaines. (USA)10/26/03
I'm a Emperor ScorpionKratts' Creatures Web site (USA)10/26/03
Incy Wincy SpiderAnd you can use it at school ... BBC Education Read & Write Together (UK)10/26/03
Incy Wincy Spider PuppetsBBC Education Read & Write Together (UK)10/26/03
Information Reports !The Flower Spider, The Red-back Spider, The Huntsman Spider, The Funnel-web Spider, The Jumping Spider, The Wolf Spider, The Raft Spider. Kalamia State School (Australia)10/26/03
Insect Zoo FactsSpiders, Scorpions and Tarantulas. From students at Springfield Estates Elementary School. (USA)10/26/03
Insects and SpidersA little info. By the Second Grade Classes, American School of Lima (Peru)10/26/03
Insects and their relativesVery informative, with pictures and drawings. Colorado State University (USA)10/26/03
Insects, Arachnids, & other Arthropods...ASCII art, spiders made up of keyboard characters. Spunk's gallery (USA)11/29/04
Insects, Arachnids, Annelids Teacher Resources - NBIIK-12 resources for teachers. National Biological Information Infrastructure (USA)6/5/05
Is a spider an insect?A common misconception today is that a spider is an insect. We are going to study the anatomy of an insect and the anatomy of a spider and decide why it is not. Carmen Weathersbee. Region 9 Education Service Center, Texas (USA)10/26/03
Is a spider an insect?Thinking Fountain. Science Museum of Minnesota (USA)10/26/03
Itsy and Bitsy Discuss DinnerClassroom activities. Woodrow Wilson Collection, Activities Exchange, Access Excellence (USA)10/26/03
Itsy and Bitsy Ponder the Genetics of Fruit Fly Populations and EvolutionClassroom activities. Woodrow Wilson Collection, Activities Exchange, Access Excellence (USA)10/26/03
Itsy Bitsy SpidersSome info about spiders. Kathy Miles and Charles F. Peters II. (USA)10/26/03
Itsy Bitsy SpidersMany primary grade students incorrectly identify spiders as insects. This web page is intended to be a resource to teachers and students in teaching and learning about the characteristics of spiders. Melinda Gulick. The University of South Carolina-Aiken (USA)10/26/03
Kathy's CrittersKathy's Critters is a fun and educational live animal zoology presentation available for schools, parties, camps and special events in the Los Angeles, California area (USA)10/26/03
Kids get lowdown on creepy crawlersAnjali J. Sekhar, The Detroit News 'USA)10/26/03
Kids' Halloween Fun: Pumpkin DecoratingA spider pumpkin. U.S. Fund for UNICEF (USA)10/26/03
Knutselidee - SpinWim's fröbel pagina's (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Knutselidee - SpinnenwebWim's fröbel pagina's (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
La toile des OrbitèlesPictures and info. La Haute École de Gestion de Genève (in French) (Switserland)10/26/03
Lab Exercises Investigating Distribution, Abundance and Behavior of Wolf SpidersGail E. Stratton. Rhodes College. Access Excellence (USA)10/26/03
Lab Exercises Investigating Distribution, Abundance, and Behavior of Wolf spiderLots of info. Gail E. Stratton, Rhodes College (USA)10/26/03
Learn about Garden SpidersA school project with garden spiders (they used spray paint, not really spider friendky!) CW High School Thinkquest Team (USA)10/26/03
Learning about ArachnidsWildNet Africa. (South Africa)11/29/04
Learning about spidersGrade Level: 4-6. McDuffie Environmental Education Center (USA)10/26/03
Les sites WEB du petit naturaliste - AraignéesMuch info and pictures. La Haute École de Gestion de Genève (in French) (Switserland)10/9/04
Lesson PlanetLessons for teaching about spiders and the environment10/19/03
Let's Learn About Spiders!Info, bodyparts, poems. T. Kennedy, Hawai'i Department of Education (USA)10/26/03
Lucy The SpiderStory. Rebecca Zarrinnegar. (USA)10/26/03
Make a spider gliderThinking Fountain. Science Museum of Minnesota (USA)10/26/03
Making a Spider's WebMake a spider's web with nails & fishing line. Reach Out! A center linking Univ. of Michigan and Community Mentors with children and teens (USA)10/26/03
Male or Female?How to see the difference. Mrs. Gamble's Web Page. A 2nd grade class at Fayetteville Elementary School in Fayetteville, NY (USA)10/9/04
Meet Some Arachnids on the WebInfo. Tristan. Need to Know Library (USA)11/29/04
Minibeast Profiles: SpidersInfo. Gary A. Dunn. Young Entomologists' Society (USA)10/9/04
Miss Spider's Web SiteDedicated to the Miss Spider children's books by David Kirk (USA)10/19/03
Mony's Creepy Crawly Zoo (Arachnids)Photos and basic information.6/5/05
More Than Just The Itsy Bitsy One - Mrs.Sirois' Mousehole Spider FactsClassroom activities. The Learning Network Inc (USA)10/26/03
Ms. Pieczko's Not Afraid of Spiders... Are You? This page contains books, songs, poems, language/ group activities, math activities, learning centers, art activities, snacks, and internet resources. Ms. Pieczko's "Kinder-Garden" (USA)10/26/03
Myths & Stories: How Stories Came to EarthAn Ashanti Legend. Anansi, A Collaborative WebSite of Educational Resources (USA)12/7/03
Our topic on spidersSome info. Burley Middle School (UK)10/26/03
Pacific Northwest Arachnid MenuWith info and pictures of the Black and yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia). Paul Slichter. The Gresham-Barlow School District (USA)10/26/03
PEERS Spider Identification KeyYour students have been in the field and now they want to identify what they have collected. This database has been developed to help with the identification of the species of spiders that will most likely be collected in the Blue Mountains Region of Northeast Oregon. PEERS : People Exploring Ecosystem Resources as Stewards (USA)10/26/03
Plants & Animals: Introduction to SpidersWhat is a spider? Spider facts, Spider key points. WebWorldWonders (USA)10/9/04
Poems & Songs: The itsy bitsy spideranother version of the old children's rhyme.12/7/03
Poems & Songs: The itsy bitsy spider musicmusic to the "itsy bitsy spider".12/7/03
Project for year 7 & 8 - Few spiders are dangerousPDF. Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre (Australia)10/26/03
Project for year 9 & 10 - Spiders are everywherePDF. Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre (Australia)10/26/03
Projects - Spider unitSome info. 1st Grade Class, Thoreau Elementary School (USA)10/26/03
ProTeacher!Arachnids, spiders lesson plans and thematic units including spider webs activities and projects for elementary school teaching ideas (USA)6/5/05
Qué sabes sobre las arañas?Some info about spiders: body parts, what they eat, ... University of Virginia (in Spanish) (USA)10/26/03
Say What Spider UnitClassroom activities. Developed by Zooscope, a National Science Foundation funded collaboration between the Brown University Institute for Elementary and Secondary Education and the Roger Williams Park Zoo (USA)10/26/03
Scrub burrowing Wolf spiders: The stay-at-home predatorsInfo and pictures. Archbold Biological Station (USA)10/9/04
Signs of springA lot about spiders, silk, webs, ... Journey North, Engaging Students in a Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change, (USA & Canada)10/26/03
Sorting Through SpidersAbout Dichotomous keys etc. Dichotomous keys are tools used by scientists and naturalists to identify specific names of natural objects, such as trees, ferns, wildflowers or insects. Helen Jo Morse. Kings County Office of Education (USA)10/26/03
Spider - When and Where FoundInfo and pictures. P.6 Livingston Minibeast Internet Project (UK)10/26/03
Spider activitiesSt. Louis Science Center (USA)10/26/03
Spider body-parts QuizTest and improve your knowledge of the main body-parts of a spider. Abiator's Active Classroom (New Zealand)10/26/03
Spider Casting KitPDF. Make your own tarantula. Skullduggery (USA)10/26/03
Spider factsBasic facts about spiders. Explorit Science Center (USA)10/9/04
Spider Facts from the Fourth GradePutnam Valley School District (USA)10/26/03
Spider GliderMake your own spider glider. Science Museum of Minnesota (USA)10/26/03
Spider glossaryEd Nieuwenhuys (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Spider HomepagePage made by Year 5A at Rochedale State School in Australia10/26/03
Spider Informationsome basic info. University of Arizona (USA)10/9/04
Spider MemoryA game with spider-cards. Cyclops & Medusa. Naturmuseum Senckenberg (Germany) 10/26/03
Spider MomsLittle info. Twig Walkingstick, Ohio State University Extension (USA)10/26/03
Spider QuestA WebQuest for kindergartners with help from their "Reading Buddies". Dawn Picard. ASU West College of Education (USA)10/26/03
Spider QuizThe Learning Network Inc (USA)10/26/03
Spider Sense: Fast Facts on Extreme ArachnidsSome basic facts on arachnids. National Geographic (USA)6/5/05
Spider silkShort text. (USA)10/26/03
Spider silkThe National Humane Education Society (USA)10/26/03
Spider SpecialistsA Webquest for Second Grade, Nancy Reagan. Dedham Public Schools, Massachusetts (USA)10/26/03
Spider StuffFacts gathered in class by first graders, Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs? (An experiment), Recipe for Chocolate Spiders, ... Univ. of Richmond (USA)10/26/03
Spider UnitEducational material for kids in kindergarden by Amy Griffin (USA)10/19/03
Spider UnitsIpswich District Teacher-Librarian Network (Australia)10/26/03
Spider Web WondersPDF. Some info about spiders. Hutchinson Recreation Commision (USA)10/26/03
Spider WebquestWe are going on a WebQuest! Your job is to be a detective and find out many facts about spiders. Pine Brook Elementary School (USA)10/26/03
Spider websA little info. Rudy Scheibner. University of Kentucky Department of Entomology (USA)10/26/03
Spider-funInfo and pictures. Tannia Sels (in Dutch) (Belgium)10/26/03
SpidersPaso Partners - Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Langauge (USA)10/26/03
SpidersThe goal of this project was to show how science inquiry and the internet could be used effectively with young children. Avocado Elementary School (USA)10/26/03
SpidersUniversity of Leeds School of Education (UK)10/26/03
SpidersThe Gale School, Arizona (USA)10/26/03
SpidersA little info and a picture of a Black widow. Horrible Bunch. Cullen Primary School, Scotland (UK)10/26/03
SpidersTyler, Age: 12. April 1997 Critters Contest Grand Prize Winner. World Kids Network (USA)10/26/03
SpidersInformational/Reporting Activities, Language Arts/Creative Activities, Crosswords, Milk Cap Spider etc. abcTeach Network (USA)10/26/03
SpidersFrank Iacobelli. Kensington Academy 7th Grade (USA)10/26/03
SpidersScience: A lesson on spider body parts, Grade 2. Lauren Young. Adelphi University (USA)10/26/03
SpidersStudents will observe the appearance of the spider and describe its adaptations by comparing and contrasting the behavior and habits of spiders to other Arthropods. Iowa 4-9 Science Project (USA)10/26/03
SpidersPDF. Identify the body of a spider and some kind of puzzle. Teacher Created Materials Inc. (USA)10/26/03
SpidersLa. Challenge Activities for the K-12 Classroom (USA)10/26/03
SpidersArachnophobia, Spiders are not Insects, Silken Threads, The Web Spinners, Amazing Spider Facts. Environmental Education for Kids! Wisconsin, Dep. of Natural Resources (USA)10/26/03
SpidersAbout spidrs and webs. La Porte High School (USA)10/26/03
SpidersFirst - third grade. Spider mobile, spider poster, egg carton spiders, super spider sentences, poems, ... B. Cunnignham, H. Dies, J. Scott, G. Taggart. Fort Hays State University (USA)10/26/03
SpidersCarol Delancy and Carmen Johnson. "Spiders" is a collective collaboration between two primary classes at Avocado Elementary school located in Homestead, FL. Our purpose/goal was to show how hands-on inquiry based science could be used effectively with young children. (USA)10/26/03
SpidersSome info and pictures. Miami State School (Australia)10/26/03
SpidersTo encourage the children to think of spiders in a new light, not just as creepy, scary "bugs.". Minnetonka Public Schools (USA)10/26/03
SpidersWith lots of interesting information. Student Resources Page. O. Orkin Insect Zoo (USA)10/26/03
SpidersSongs, Fingerplays, and Grouptime Fun. Nuttin' But Kids (USA)10/26/03
SpidersClassroom spider reports. Miss.Gruending, St. Goretti School & Saskatoon Catholic Schools (Canada)10/26/03
SpidersPPT. Patricia Saltis, Trek 21 (USA)10/26/03
Spiders & ScorpionsPDF. Info. Bug City, Teachers Guide (USA)10/26/03
Spiders 2000Sudent reports by Grade 3W, Selkirk Elementary (Canada)10/26/03
Spiders and Cave HabitatsA list of books for kids about spiders and caves with a short description of each of them. Book It! (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and How They LivePDF. Using the movie Arachnophobia in the classroom. Aims Multimedia (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and MeasurementLearning to use numbers in decimal form. (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and Other Spooky StuffSome info and how to make a Spooky T-shirt for Halloween using sweet potatoes! (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and our EnvironmentSpider lessons. The University of Akron (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and ScorpionsThis unit is designed to acquaint students with arachnids (spiders) and scorpiones (scorpions). Students will utilize the Internet and media resources to explore species, habitats, food chains, and characteristics of spiders and scorpions. Developed at University of Central Florida. Janet E. Eastman (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and ScorpionsThis unit is designed to acquaint students with arachnids (spiders) and scorpiones (scorpions). Janet E. Eastman. University of Central Florida (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and snakesFor the smarter ones! Houghton Mifflin Company (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and the webs they makePDF. Some info. GVKids, Ink (USA)10/26/03
Spiders and their relativesThird Graders, Angier School. Massachusetts (USA)10/26/03
Spiders at homeArachnids galore, finding spiders, activities, studying spiders. Gondar Design Services (UK)10/26/03
Spiders EEK !!!Information, poems, ... Tooter4kids (USA)10/26/03
Spiders for Grade 1Learn how spiders live, eat, work, and play. Mr. Grey's and Mrs. Smoker's Grade 1 Spider page. Coal Tyee School (Canada)10/26/03
Spiders from outer spaceA group of astronauts currently training for a shuttle mission all have eight legs. Beyond 2000 (Australia)10/10/04
Spiders in the webScience/Nature for Kids (USA)10/26/03
Spiders on the FalklandsPDF. Interesting info about spiders on islands. Falklands Conservation.10/9/04
Spiders! - To squish 'em or not to squish 'emWhat are spiders? Where do spiders live? Spider silk: Sticky thread or amazing material? Spiders: predatory and prey! Spiders and us. Andrew Doidge. Christchurch College of Education (New Zealand)10/26/03
Spiders! An Expedition With the American Museum of Natural HistoryA very good page about the spiders in Western Australia by the AMNH and Discovery Channel Online.10/9/04
Spiders! Guide & ResourcesIn the classroom. Teaching Guides. PBS (USA)10/26/03
Spiders--Teacher ResourceThe South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (USA)10/26/03
Spiders: A Virtual Field TripIn this Internet tour, you will be working with partners to learn about spiders, make diagrams, and read information and gather notes about spiders. Lori Edwards, Central Queens Elementary School, Prince Edward Island (Canada)10/26/03
Spiders: An Organism for Teaching BiologyDebora Scheidemantel. Science Education Connection, Department of Biochemistry, The University of Arizona (USA)10/26/03
Spiders: Eight Legs and SilkJoan P. Jass. Milwaukee Public Museum (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: Learning more about spider biologyMuch info. Linda Rayor. Cornell University (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: We'd probably be dead without themVery interesting page with a 4.5 minutes movie. Bio Bulletin. American Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
SpinachtigenSpinnen, teken en hooiwagens. Informatie en foto's (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
SpinnenInformation. Sekundairschule Reigoldswil (in German) (Switzerland)10/26/03
SpinnenNatuuronderwijs. Kennisnet (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
SpinnenEine Arbeit im Wettbewerb Schüler experimentieren von Constanze Schmidt (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
SpinnenWat we zeker moeten weten, webben, soorten spinnen, vijanden, nog meer, spinnenlinks. Gibocentrum (in Dutch) (Belgium)10/26/03
Spinnenshort text. Kwieke Kwekers, Gemeenteschool 't Veld Dentergem (in Dutch) (Belgium)10/26/03
Spinnen in een webSchilder je eigen spinnenweb. Weer & Natuur (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Spinnen receptenhoe maak je spinnenweb pannenkoek, spinnenkoekjes, spinnen van chocoladeperen, spinnenpuree, spinnenham (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Spooky Spidersa Grade 2K Web Site Project. Thickwood Heights School (Canada)10/26/03
Spooky spidersHow spiders make a web. Fogware (USA)10/26/03
Stupendous SpidersSpider sessons. Spiders ! Scary or Nice?, Spiders Have Special Characteristics, Spiders Catch Prey, Spiders Are Special, Spiders Have Natural Enemies, Spiders Live Everywhere, Now We Know Spiders! Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. Georgia (USA)10/26/03
TarantulaA Tarantula in the classroom. Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School Distric (USA)10/26/03
Tarantula CakeThis recipe is fun and gross enough for Halloween! iVillage food (UK)10/26/03
Tarantula CakeRecipe. iVillage/ (USA)10/26/03
TarantulasThe South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (USA)10/26/03
TarantulasGet Real! Stories: Kids and Creatures (USA)10/26/03
Teacher notes and resourcesAbout spiders. Patricia Saltis, Trek 21 (USA)10/26/03
Teaching About SpidersThe South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (USA)10/26/03
Teaching kids about the environment - Spying on spidersPDF. Teaching Kate (USA)10/26/03
Texas Junior NaturalistsInformation about arachnids (USA)6/5/05
The contruction of a wheel webHow does an orb web spider make its web? Read it here. Ed Nieuwenhuys (The Netherlands)10/26/03
The Fascinating World of SpidersAbout Spiders, Common Spiders, Spiders Around The World, Careers With Spiders, Spider Webs, Spider Silk, Stories About Spiders, Spider Bites, Fear of Spiders. Megan Goetsch and Melissa Clark. Iowa State University (USA)10/26/03
The Great Spider Expedition!A WebQuest for 1st & 2nd Grades. Lisa M. Picazo. ASU West College of Education (USA)10/26/03
The Hunting SpidersCritters In Your Pond. Kathy Biggs. The Internet Ponder (USA)10/26/03
The Itsy, Bitsy SpiderMake your own climbing spider. San Diego Zoo (USA)10/26/03
The KU Natural History Museum Goes to SchoolBring the museum to your school with specimen trunks, SMART Start trunks, or with a visiting scientist. The University of Kansas Natural History Museum (USA)10/26/03
The Leaping DancerAbout Jumping spiders (Salticidae). Bill Amos. Micscape Article (UK)10/9/04
The life cycle of the spiderMathematics & Science Center (USA)10/9/04
The savanna violin spider, Loxosceles spinicepsWildNet Africa. (South Africa)10/10/04
The Smithsonian museumsResources and Tours Especially for Children (USA)10/26/03
The SpiderSome facts. The Science Nook for Kids (USA)10/26/03
The Spider Beside HerGrade 2. This lesson will allow students to expand their knowledge of spiders. By creating a model of a spider, students will recognize differences between spiders and insects and will determine that a spider is not an insect. The concept of the spider as a predator who captures its food will be related to the fact that all animals have basic needs that they are adapted physically to meet. National Teacher Training Institute (USA)10/26/03
The spider in the web(a child's story) Oliver Lesniak (8). Children's Art Foundation (USA)10/26/03
The Spider Silk ProjectPDF. Sally Horak. Grade 7 Science. Cortland Junior Senior High School (USA)10/26/03
The Spider WebSome info about spiders. The Franklin Institute Online (USA)10/9/04
The Very Active SpiderThis unit is designed to be used over a two to three week period of time, with ten specific lessons and topics. Patricia M. Weber, Kolmar Elementary School (USA)10/26/03
The Wolf SpiderShort text. Buck Lake Elementary School, Tallahassee, Florida (USA)10/26/03
Think Quest: ArachnidsInformation on arachnids for kids, parents, teachers. 6/5/05
To Spin a Spider Tale and other Webs of LoreProjects for kids. Lexington Community College (USA)10/26/03
Trapdoor SpiderInformation and nice pictures. Goodnight Stories (USA)10/9/04
Under the spell of ... Spiders!Some lessons for kids. Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies (USA)10/26/03
Vragen en antwoorden over spinnenLessen m.b.v. het Internet. Hogeschool Ijselland, Deventer (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Water spiderSome info and pictures of the Water spider (Argyroneta aquatica). Glenda Crew (Australia)10/26/03
WaterspinInformation. Biologiesite voor het voortgezet onderwijs (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Ways To Be Safe Bugs and Other Creepy CrawliesGo Camping America Fun For Kids Pages (USA)10/26/03
Weaving Technology into Thematic UnitsEdith E. Janca. Florosa Elementary (USA)10/26/03
Welcome to the Bug ClubThe Bug Club is a club run for children or the young at heart who are interested in Bugs and other "Creepy-Crawlies". University of Exeter (UK)10/26/03
Westside Spidermania!Some info and pictures. Laurie Atkins and Susan Brown, Westside Elementary School (USA)10/26/03
What is spider's silk?Info. Lauri McDonald. The School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS (USA)10/26/03
Why a Garden spider does not get stuck in its own webMicroscopy UK. Ben Prins (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Why do spiders make webs?Info, pictures, experiments & investigations. Suzy's World (New Zealand)10/26/03
Why do spiders spin webs?Spider Web quest. Nancy Kane. Pepperdine University, Introduction to Education Technology (USA)10/26/03
Why Doesn't a Spider Get Stuck to its Own Web?Have you ever wondered why insects stick to a spider's web but the spider doesn't? Martin Overton (USA)10/26/03
Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs?Information and things to do. (USA)10/26/03
Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs?Jok Church. (USA)10/26/03
Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs?You Can: Spider Webs. Jok Church (USA)10/26/03
Why don't spiders stick to their own webs?B. Wilcomb & S. Gerard. dr. universe online, (USA)10/26/03
Why don't spiders stick to their own webs?Info. DrUniverse. Washington State University (USA)10/26/03
Wolf spiderInfo and picture. Adele Quintata and Sally Heaton. Swimming with animals. Dumas High School, Texas (USA)10/9/04
World: Spiders of the WorldAn interactive exercise enlisting students (spiders keyed to family). Rosie Gillespie (International)12/7/03
Worldwide (spider) websLoan McKee. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
WormLearn ArachnidsInformation, teaching material, on arachnids (Australia)6/5/05
Yahooligans! ArachnidsInformation for kids about arachnids (USA)10/19/03
Young Entomologists' SocietyA nonprofit, entomology youth education organization. Mission statement: "To provide young people with a combination of programs, publications, and educational materials that enrich their insect and spider studies through dynamic, innovative, and enjoyable learning experiences." (USA)10/26/03
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