Jumping Spiders - Salticidae

A Guide to Common Singapore SpidersA lot of pictures and information. Joseph K. H. Koh (Singapore)6/5/05
A Guide to Missouri SpidersPictures and information. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Ants, beetles and spidersSpiders that mimic ants or beetles. David Richman (US)10/9/04
Arachnida::Araneae::Salticidae PageA very handsome site with morphological, taxonomic, and biogeographical information on jumping spiders. Heiko Metzner (in German) (Germany)6/5/05
Arachnids and Reptiles of EuropePictures and information about spiders and scorpions. Marcus Schmitt (in German and English) (Germany)10/9/04
Araneae (spiders)A lot of info and pictures. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)6/5/05
Araneae 1-4Pictures (Russia)6/5/05
Brisbane SpidersA lot of info and pictures of spiders found in the Brisbane area, Queensland. The Chew's family (Australia)10/9/04
Curious about spiders?A number of pictures of spiders of medical importance and also some info on the Woodlouse hunter (Dysdera crocata), wolfspiders and garden spiders. University of Nebraska, Lancaster County (USA)10/9/04
Dendryphantes rudis (female)Airbrush picture made by Jan Bosselaers (Belgium)10/9/04
Dima Fisher Arthropoda Photography PageSome spider pictures, mainly Jumping spiders. Dima Fisher (Israel)10/9/04
Family Salticidae - IllinoisList of salticids collected at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie and other Will County sites since summer 1997 by Frank Pascoe and undergraduate students at the University of St. Francis. (USA)10/19/03
Family Salticidae in North AmericaChecklist of the Salticidae in North America10/19/03
Featured CreaturesPictures and info Menemerus bivittatus (Dufour), jumping spider; Phidippus regius C.L. Koch, regal jumping spider; Plexippus paykulli (Audouin), jumping spider. Univ. of Florida & Florida Dep. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (USA)10/9/04
Gallery of spidersFolding door spider (Antrodiates pacificus), Jumping spider (Phidipus johnsoni), Tarantula foot closeup. Jay Patterson Photographic (Canada) 10/9/04
Guide to French Salticidae / Guide des Salticidae FrancaisesJumping spiders. Yvan Montardi (France)10/9/04
Habronattus jumping spiders from California and BajaWith very nice pictures of these jumping spiders. Marshal Hedin & Wayne Maddison (USA)10/9/04
Insect and Spider picturesSome spider pictures: wolf spiders, Metaphid Jumping Spider (Metaphidippus spp), crab spider (Misumena vatia). Bill Harris (USA)10/9/04
Jumping spiderA SEM picture and some info. Tina (Weatherby) Carvalho...MicroAngela. Univ. of Hawaii (USA)10/9/04
Jumping Spider Study Center of JapanWith information, checklist and pictures. Hiroyoshi Ikeda & M. Ban (in English and Japanese) (Japan)10/9/04
Jumping Spider Tricksters: Deceit, Predation, and CognitionPDF. Stim Wilcox and Robert Jackson. Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University (USA)10/9/04
Jumping spidersA short text. Brian F. Finnigan, Extension Educator-Agriculture, University of Idaho (USA)10/9/04
Jumping spiders of America North of MexicoA very good site with a lot of information, picture and movies about Jumping spiders (Salticidae). Wayne Maddison, University of Arizona (USA)10/9/04
Jumping Spiders of Canada (Araneae: Salticidae)Jumping Spiders of Canada by C.M. Buddle & D.P. Shorthouse (Canada)10/19/03
Jumping Spiders of the WorldA confederation of projects on salticid systematics and diversity jointly maintained by Wayne Maddison and Jerzy Proszynski (Canada, Poland)11/29/04
Jumping Spiders: The Cutest SpidersInfo. NC WISEOWL (USA)10/9/04
Jumping to Unfortunate Conclusions: Phidippus audax, the most common cause of spArthur Huntley, Dermatology Online Journal (USA)10/9/04
Nick's Spiders of Britain and EuropeVery nice site with information and pictures of European spiders. Also some pictures and info about spiders from the USA. Nick Loven (UK)10/9/04
Nick's Spiders of North AmericaWeb site dedicated to pictures and photographs of North American spiders. Nick Loven (UK)10/9/04
Order AraneaeSome information about the families Thomisidae, Salticidae, Lycosidae, Agelenidae and Araneidae. Onalaska School District 300 (USA)6/5/05
Portia fimbriataInformation about de jumping spider Portia fimbriata. Univ. of Michigan (USA)10/9/04
Salticid Page of David Edwin HillTargeted Jumps by Salticid Spiders (Araneae, Salticidae, Phidippus), Colorful Phidippus from Florida, Communal Young of Phidippus regius, Dangerous Encounters, Detoured Pursuit by Phidippus pulcherrimus, Dimorphic Males of Maevia inclemens, Histology of Salticid Spiders, Lyssomanes viridis from Florida, Portrait of Phidippus clarus, Salticid Ant Eaters, Salticid Respiratory Structures, Scales of Some Salticid Spiders, Site Affinity of Phidippus, Tephritid Flies that Look Like Salticids, Two Morphs of Female Phidippus texanus, Unidentified Phidippus from the Southwest, Use of Silk by Salticids (USA)10/9/04
SalticidaeVery good page with a lot of information and pictures. Tree of Life. Wayne Maddison. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona (USA)10/9/04
Salticidae (Araneae) of the WorldDiagnostic drawings library and catalogue of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the world. Jerzy Proszynski (Poland)6/5/05
Salticidae (Araneae) of the WorldDiagnostic drawings library, Catalogue of the Salticidae (Aranae) of the world, General information on Salticidae, Theories on evolution of geographic distribution in Salticidae, Advices on modern field\laboratory work on taxonomy of Salticidae. Jerzy Proszynski10/9/04
Salticidae page of the Tree of Life Web ProjectPhylogenetic and biological information on jumping spiders. Wayne Maddison (Canada)10/10/04
Salticidae Section of The World Spider Catalog, V3.5Taxonomic catalog of jumping spiders by N. I. Platnick (USA)10/19/03
Short MPG-movie about spidersMPG. Jumping Spider Study Center of Japan (Japan)10/9/04
SpiderA lot of info and pictures. Britannica Online.10/9/04
SpiderSome info and a picture of female burrowing wolf spider (Geolycosa pikei) outside her burrow in the sand. The Hutchinson Family Encyclopedia (UK)10/9/04
SpidersDaring Jumping Spider, Eastern Daddy-long-legs, Green Lynx Spider, Forest Wolf Spider, Wolf Spider (Lycosidae), Golden Rod Spider, Brown Recluse (Loxosceles), Black and Yellow Argiope or "Garden Spider / Banana Spider", Red Widow Spider (Latrodectus Bishopi). Survive Outdoors Inc. (USA)10/9/04
SpidersHouse spiders, Purseweb spider, Jumping spider, Money spider, Water spider, Garden spider, Raft spider, wolf spider. Stuart M Bennett (UK)10/9/04
SpidersPictures of: Daddy-Long-Leg Spiders, Brown Spiders, Dysderid Spiders, Cobweb Weavers, Longjawed Orb Weavers, Orb Weavers, Wolf Spiders, Nursery Web Spiders, Funnel Weavers, Sac Spiders, Antmimic Spiders, Ground Spiders, Tropical Wandering Spiders, Running Crab Spiders, Crab Spiders & Jumping Spiders. Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)10/10/04
Spiders in OhioMuch information about spiders. Clay Harris & Dr. Richard Bradley, The Ohio State University, Marion (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of Kaweah Oaks PreserveA lot of pictures. Marjorie Moody. Sierra Los Turales Land Trust (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of SirenaSpiders of Sirena,Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica. Graduate Field Course in Rainforest Research. L.E. Gilbert. The University of Texas at Austin (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of wetlandsWith a picture of Pisaura mirabilis. Janusz Kupryjanowicz. Institute of Biology. University of Bialystok (Poland)10/9/04
Spiders on the WebWith some information and very nice pictures. Chin Fah Shin (Malaysia)10/9/04
Super SpiderJumping spiders. Pat Brennan, The Orange County Register (USA)10/9/04
The Leaping DancerAbout Jumping spiders (Salticidae). Bill Amos. Micscape Article (UK)10/9/04
Troy Bartlett's Online Photo ExhibitionVery nice pictures of spiders, insects and flowers. Troy Bartlett (USA)10/9/04
Troy's Photo GalleryA number of very nice spider pictures. Troy Bartlett.10/9/04
Up close with spidersInformation and pictures of Malaysian spiders. Chin Fah Shin (Malaysia)10/9/04
Why I like Jumping SpidersTheir big eyes and engaging behavior make them the teddy bears of the spider world. Mark Moffett, International Wildlife (USA)10/9/04
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