Growth, Morphogenesis, and Developmental Genetics | Organizer: Prashant Sharma

sponsored by the Company of Biologists

Arachnid venoms | Organiser: Greta Binford

Arachnological outreach for community engagement, conservation and research | Organisers: Maria Albo and Lizzy Lowe

Island Arachnids biogeography | Organisers: Sarah Boyer, Rosemary Gillespie, Julien Pétillon and Kaïna Privet

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Jumping spiders: behaviour, ecology and evolution | Organisers: Daiqin Li and Elizabeth Jakob

Outstanding Opiliones: Reproductive and population-level biology in harvestmen | Organiser: Mercedes Burns

Mygalomorph spiders – evolution and conservation | Organisers: Mark Harvey, Joel Huey, Mike Rix & Jeremy Wilson


Spider trait network: opportunities for a global collaboration to address broad scale ecological and evolutionary questions 

Organiser: Lizzy Lowe & Jonas Wolff

Date: 10 February 2019 (10am - 3pm)

Workshop aims:

  • provide information on comparative analyses and the potential of big data analysis to answer ecological and evolutionary questions
  • present ideas for collaborative projects using trait data, and form working groups to address these questions
  • discuss possibilities for a centralized data repository to facilitate future meta-analyses

We are looking for speakers to give:

  1. a 10 min talk on a research project that included collection or meta-analysis of functional data across spider species
  2. a 20 min primer on biostatistical methods or data curation.
  3. a pitch (5 min) for a potential project to use collated trait data. The pitch will be used to recruit interested collaborators and identify possibilities of data sharing to enhance impact and robustness. We will also provide time for working groups to be formed for each pitch to discuss ideas and make plans for the progression of the research

We would also be keen to hear if you have data that you would be willing to contribute to such a central spider trait database, such as morphometric, stoichiometric, physiological or behavioural data. If you have other colleagues or students who might be interested in this workshop and initiative, please forward this information to them.

It is not necessary to give a presentation to attend the workshop, we welcome any interested parties to attend.

If you would like to participate and/or give a presentation, please contact Lizzy (lizzy.lowe@mq.edu.au) or Jonas (jonas.wolff@mq.edu.au) before the 30th of November.