Pseudoscorpiones: Behaviour

Pseudoscorpions are generally quite secretive and exhibit little overt behaviour. Some feign death when disturbed, but others will defend themselves with their pedipalps or by running swiftly, often backwards.

Prey is captured using their pedipalps, and either crushed or envenomated prior to external digestion and then ingestion.

Mating can be simple or complex, but always involves the deposition of a spermatophore on the substrate. In some lineages, males deposit the spermatophore in isolation, and females find it via chemical cues. In Cheliferoidea, males perform a mating dance with the female prior to spermatophore deposition.

Some pseudoscorpions, principally cheliferoids, attach themselves to insects, resulting in dispersal between habitats. This behaviour is called phoresy.

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