Collecting in New Zealand

The most interesting arachnids in New Zealand are found on Department of Conservation land, which requires a permit. Use the interactive map at http://maps.doc.govt.nz/mapviewer/index.html?viewer=docmaps to see which areas are public conservation areas; just tick the “Public Conservation Areas” box at the bottom left.

Collecting outside of Department of Conservation land does not require a permit but you will require landowner permission if on private land.

If you want to collect before or after the Congress, apply for a permit as soon as you can! All information can be found at https://www.doc.govt.nz/get-involved/apply-for-permits/research-and-collection/

The Department of Conservation website mentions species protected by the Wildlife Act, which consists of just two arachnids, Spelungula cavernicola and Latrodectus katipo, all other New Zealand arachnids are not specifically protected.

Pianoa isolata
Piano Flat