Honorary Members

During each International Congress, the ISA council is permitted to confer honorary membership onto senior colleagues who have made important contributions to the society or the subject over the years. Our current honorary members are:

  • Frederick Coyle, United States
  • Christa Deeleman-Reinhold, Netherlands
  • Christo Deltshev, Bulgaria
  • William Eberhard, Costa Rica
  • Rainer Foelix, Switzerland
  • Rudy Jocqué, Belgium
  • Pekka Lehtinen, Finland
  • Sylvia Lucas, Brazil
  • Peter Merrett, United Kingdom
  • John Murphy, United Kingdom
  • Jerzy Prószyński, Poland
  • William Shear, United States
  • Søren Toft, Denmark
  • Peter van Helsdingen, Netherlands
  • Peter Weygoldt, Germany

Late Honorary Members

  • Gerd Alberti, Germany (1943-2016)
  • Eric Duffey, United Kingdom (1922-2019)
  • Otto Kraus, Germany (1920-2017)
  • Barbara Main, Australia (1929-2019)
  • Norman Platnick, United States (1951-2020)