Symposia & Workshops

Tribute to Norman I. Platnick (Organizers: Gustavo Hormiga & Martín Ramírez)

Women in Arachnology: understanding the gender bias (Organizers: SWA; Ana Lúcia Tourinho, Nancy Lo-Man-Hung, Cibele Bragagnolo, Lina M. Almeida-Silva & Amanda Cruz Mendes)

Solifugae: current knowledge and future directions (Coordinators: David Vrech and Paula Cushing)

Social Spiders (Coordinator: Carmen Viera)

Advances in the role of spiders in agroecosystems (Coordinators: Luis Fernando García and Stano Pekár)


We will also have two Pre-congress workshops:

Updating the guidelines for arachnological papers in Zootaxa (Coordinators: Christoph Muster and Peter Jäger), open to past and current Arachnida Editors of Zootaxa.

Recognizing and Interrupting Unconscious Bias in STEM (Coordinator: Maydianne Andrade), 5th March, from 9:00 to 13:00 hours at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable (IIBCE). Registrations: 22ica.uy@gmail.com including in the subject: STEM workshop. Limited quotas (up to 50)