Spiders have abdominal silk organs, male pedipalps modified into sperm transfer organs, and venom delivered through the chelicerae (secondarily lost in some spiders). Adult body size ranges from less than 1 to 100 mm. They are diverse and abundant worldwide with more than 45,000 described species. 

copyright:Troy Bartlett

"Despite being often feared, spiders are mysterious and intriguing, offering a useful foundation for the effective teaching and learning of scientific concepts and processes. In order to provide an entryway for teachers and students—as well as scientists themselves—into the biology of spiders, we compiled a list of 99 record breaking achievements by spiders (the “Spider World Records”)." 

In 2017, Mammola and co-workers compiled a list of records summarizing outstanding achievements by spiders as source for educators to draw in students for science education and also to highlight gaps in current organismal knowledge.